A New Community Initiative
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A New Community Initiative

A New Community Initiative

The CIRCLE Effect



A New Community Initiative for Camperdown and surrounds!

A vibrant, thriving, resilient and cohesive community that builds on and strengthens the good work that’s being done out there already, and doing it together to make it happen.

That’s what The CIRCLE Effect is all about.

The CIRCLE Effect will involve a 18 to 24-month program of events and activities that connects to culture, people and place.

From live music and arts events, tours, markets and family friendly happenings, to workshops and sessions covering themes of creativity, well being, technology and nature.

The aim of CIRCLE Effect is to encourage meaningful social engagement; bring people together; encourage, maintain and sustain volunteerism; and empower the local community after the St Patrick’s Day fires.

This shared vision is about learning together and having fun, being innovative and creative, linking to like-minded people, contributing to the culture of our area, simply enjoying some live music and other cultural events on offer. most importantly, it is about knowing that support is out there and where to go if you need.

The CIRCLE Effect is a partnership between the Camperdown Community House and The Courthouse Camperdown Inc. who will work closely with other local community groups, businesses and organisations to bring The CIRCLE Effect to life. Community ownership and developing such partnerships are key to the program’s success.

The program aims to be accessible and affordable to all – we’ll keep costs down through value adding, supporting and expanding existing structures that are already in place.

The CIRCLE Effect will deliver a range of community benefits including inter-generational connection, youth engagement, social inclusion and impacts through connection (e.g. mental health and well being), increasing our sense of pride and connection to people and place, while diversifying the local economy.


Tunes and Chill community event and unofficial launch

The unofficial launch of The CIRCLE Effect will be this Sunday 17th March at the “Tunes and Chill” community event being held at the Courthouse Camperdown from 3-6pm. Come along to celebrate the amazing community we live and work in and learn more about The CIRCLE Effect and how you can get involved.


Read more about The CIRCLE Effect

You can read more about The CIRCLE Effect here: The CIRCLE effect – information flier.


Pickling workshop and Fermentation Presentation 3rd April 2019

One of the first of a long series of workshops will be a The CIRCLE Effect – A Place of Wonder April 2019 Pickling workshop and Fermentation Presentation with Kylie Treble on Thursday 3rd April.

Please register for these by calling 5593 1403. The workshop and presentation are both $20 (full) and $10 (concession). If you wish to attend both there will be a small discount.


We are in the early stages of developing this project, and there are many more people, organisations and groups that we wish to link up with over coming weeks and months to make sure that everyone who wants to participate can, and that The CIRCLE Effect truly embodies it’s meaning and provides opportunities:

  • To connect with each other and ourselves
  • That are inclusive of all needs and abilities
  • To build our resilience as individuals and collectively as a community
  • For all of us to create our experience of community and express our creativity
  • To learn and grow and engage with new things and experiences
  • To empower

If you want to get involved in The CIRCLE Effect, or if you have any ideas about events and workshops that would be good to be a part of this initiative, please get in touch!






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Camperdown Community House is a great place for people to come together to socialise, learn new skills and have some fun.