Camperdown Community Garden and Swap and Share stall - Camperdown Community House
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Camperdown Community Garden and Swap and Share stall

Camperdown Community Garden

Grow, Share, Learn, Connect


Benefits of belonging to the community garden

– Grow your own flowers and vegetables in a supported community space

– Meet fellow gardeners, share experiences, insights, gardening tips and tricks, and learn from one another

– Have access to garden equipment and tools in the garden shed (The code for the combination lock is provided upon membership payment/confirmation)

– Use free pea straw mulch provided by Camperdown Community House for use by members on their community garden plot/s at least once a year. Seedlings or seeds are occasionally provided as well

– Attend community garden workshops either free of charge when possible, or at a discounted rate. (Members are invited to all community garden activities and have top priority for workshop/events if places are limited. Workshop fees are determined on a case by case basis and communicated to members ahead of time)

– Access to and participation in Camperdown & District Gardening Swap and Share group


Did you know?

– Being a part of a community garden has been proven to help relieve stress and increase sense of wellness, can improve overall physical health, and provides opportunities to make connections and increase our sense of community and belonging

– All proceeds received from annual membership payments, and any donations and fundraising received for the garden are used for the garden (water, maintenance, equipment etc.)

– Members are eligible to join the garden steering group

– Members can apply to be caretakers of community access plots

– Garden equipment and infrastructure is maintained by Camperdown Community House and Camperdown Men’s Shed when required

– Community Garden Land Lease (Corangamite Shire) is paid for by Camperdown Community House on behalf of members on an annual basis.


Annual membership

This is a single payment made at the beginning of the financial year or when a membership application is received.

Membership payments are used for the operation of the community garden, including maintenance of infrastructure, purchase of equipment, provision of pea straw, compost etc.

Annual Membership applies to:

– People applying for an individual plot lease

– People who want to support the community garden


Individual plot leases

– The individual plot lease is an annual fee for the lease of an individual garden plot/s, and is additional to the annual membership. It is payable by any individual, community group or organisation leasing a plot. Leaseholders must reapply at the beginning of each financial year to renew their plot lease

– New plot leases are subject to the availability of plots at the time of application. If there are no plots available, applicants are placed on a waiting list and notified when a plot becomes available.

Camperdown & District Gardening Swap and Share

The Swap’n’Share is a Camperdown Community House project.
We are located in the Camperdown Community Gardens at rear Apex Park (from 20/2/22).
24/7 access via the Apex Park Entrance, Manifold St, Camperdown.
Many of the existing garden plots are for private gardeners, so please respect that their produce/plants are not for public use. Green designated plots are available for anyone to plant and pick as they please (obviously with respect to other users and existing plants etc.)
  • Take what you need, leave what you can.
  • Please ensure you LABEL goods so everyone knows what to expect.
  • Pens and plant sticks are at stall to ensure all items are identified.
  • Please do not leave plants, cuttings and seeds unmarked.
  • All cuttings label and place in water with buckets supplied.
  • Seeds labelled place in seed bin, then secure lid.
  • Post an image to this group or write a description of any gifts you have either shared or taken. eg” I have left two dozen cherry tomatoes”
Examples of produce:
Plant pots
Eggs (dated and placed in our esky)
Gardening materials

Respecting the stall like your own pantry is vital to its ongoing success:

* Label items and wash your goods
* only touch produce you plan to take
* while you are there please remove any spoiled produce and place in coloured bin supplied
* if a plant looks thirsty please water, water jugs supplied.
* we do not hold goods for individuals
*please donate only goods that are fresh and/or reusable. ie no broken pots etc
The stall has a regular group of volunteers with allocated days to manage the stall. We appreciate All members to share the load by tidying up. For more information about the stall visit our Facebook page, or get in touch.


You can get involved by contacting the Camperdown Community House on 03 5593 1403.

Download the printable MEMBERSHIP FORM and GUIDELINES.


The Camperdown Community Garden is supported by:

Camperdown Men’s Shed

Camperdown Garden Club

Corangamite Shire

FRRR Gardiner Dairy Foundation: In 2018 FRRR Gardiner Dairy Foundation provided funding for our Community Garden Infrastructure Improvement project. This project resulted in a number of new and exciting developments for the garden.

Camperdown Community House is a great place for people to come together to socialise, learn new skills and have some fun.