Camperdown Community Garden Hub
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Camperdown Community Garden Hub

Camperdown Community Garden Hub

Grow, Share, Learn, Connect

The Camperdown Community Garden Hub was formally known as the Camperdown Community Garden.

It is an open and public space for the community to enjoy.

There are a number of permanent garden displays, such as:

  • Sensory Garden; a beautiful floral display that welcomes you as you enter the garden, and engages the senses
  • Indigenous Garden; a collaboration with the Friends of Mount Leura Group who have propagated local indigenous plants for this display. We are currently producing an information flier that will be available to collect from the garden as a part of the community education about local indigenous plant life and the Mount Leura revegetation project
  • Succulent Garden; this garden was created by donations of cuttings from a multitude of community members, and cuttings will be made available via the swap and share stall over time as the garden establishes



There are also a number of gardens that are used permanently for community benefit, but will have regular and seasonal changes to what is grown:

  • Communal Herb Garden; members of the swap and share stall and broader community are welcome to harvest herbs from this garden
  • Wicking Beds; we have four wicking beds that grow produce for community benefit, via the swap and share stall or donating to the Camperdown Community Meal
  • A number of garden plots within the ‘community garden’ structure; we have dedicated a number of the garden plots that were previously privately managed under the old membership structure to be used to grow produce for community benefit via the swap and share stall and community meals


Meet and Greet Tree

We are lucky to have a beautiful tree towards the centre of the garden.

This tree is where the swap and share stall is located, and it also hosts ample seating made by the Camperdown Men’s Shed.

The tree has become a focal point of the garden, welcoming many members of the public who wish to take in the tranquillity of the garden, enjoy some lunch, meet with a friend or simply just to take some time out form a busy day.

The Sharing Tree is the location of the Camperdown and District Swap and Share Stall.  You can join the Swap and Share community here.




Meet and Greet Tree – Creative Community Project in 2023

We are in the process of developing a Creative Community Project with a local artist that will further transform this space into one that can be used for community events, workshops, skill sharing and more. Watch this space!



Before 2020 the garden was structured as a traditional ‘community garden’ with private membership and plot ‘ownership’/management.

In 2020 the COVID-pandemic made maintaining this structure was no longer possible. During periods of extensive lockdowns and restrictions around gathering and use of community spaces, the garden was effectively closed to the public and also to its members.

We have been lucky to maintain two volunteer garden “caretakers” during this time who have been keeping the soil viable, the weeds at bay, and adding colour and vibrance to the space with flowers and edible plants.

The disruption to the usual processes gave us the opportunity to reflect properly on the existing structure and what was and was not working. It was clear that we could

With the introduction of the Swap and Share stall in 2021, a new energy was brought into the garden, and huge amount of new community engagement in the space.

We established a small and dedicated volunteer team, known as “Custodians”, who have been keeping the swap and share stall going, while also introducing new community projects and beautifying spaces within the community garden.


The Camperdown Community Garden is supported by:

Camperdown Men’s Shed

Corangamite Shire

FRRR Gardiner Dairy Foundation: In 2018 FRRR Gardiner Dairy Foundation provided funding for our Community Garden Infrastructure Improvement project. This project resulted in a number of new and exciting developments for the garden.

South West Community Foundation: In 2022 SWCF provided a grant of to support addressing food security, both through supporting our Food Bank service and the community garden and swap and share stall.


In 2024 we are undertaking a new and exciting community art project with Terang-based artist Michelle Shearer. The project is called “Public Art and Spaces: bringing people together” and is funded by FRRR Strengthening Rural Communities: Small but Vital awarded in 2023. Read more about the project here. The first rounf of community storytelling and design workshops will be held at the Corangmaite Arts pavillion in April. Contact us for more info!

Camperdown Community House is a great place for people to come together to socialise, learn new skills and have some fun.