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Camperdown and District: A Natural History seminar and tour

Camperdown and District: A Natural History seminar and tour

What a fantastic day, and more to come!


We held the first in our series of four local history events and bus tours on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May. Camperdown and District: A Natural History seminar and tour was a fantastic success with a sold-out bus tour on the 23rd and a full house at Mount Elephant Visitor Information Centre on the 22nd.

This is the first of four history, music and bus tour event series that celebrate, learn about and connect our people and places. The project aims to provide us all the opportunity to connect to each other and learn about where we live. We have designed an immersive experience and the immense local knowledge and experience within our own community. The project is a partnership between Camperdown and District Community House and the Camperdown and District Historical Society.

A huge thank you to the team at Mount Elephant Visitor Information Centre for providing such an incredible venue that linked so perfectly to the topic of the day, and for the catering which was delicious. We will be back again before too long!

This event and tour would not have been possible without the long hours and dedication from Bob Lambell from Camperdown and District Historical Society, who has been working passionately on this project with Camperdown and District Community House‘s Coordinator, Emily Mercer, for some time.  Bob has lent his wealth of expertise and experience in the topics covered in the seminar and tour.

Keynote speakers and tour guides for Camperdown and District: A Natural History

Bob Lambell (Camperdown and District Historical Society), Chris Lang (Mount Elephant Visitor Information Centre) and Graham Arkinstall (Friends of The Forgotten Woodlands and Friends of Mount Leura).

You can learn more about our keynote speakers HERE.

During the course of the seminar, we were serenaded by Camperdown’s own The Twa Bards, and their lilting melodies added the perfect tone to the event.

The bus tour included a fantastic lunch at the idyllic Lake Edge Cafe in Purrumbete.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback was received by everyone who attended both the seminar and bus tour, some attendees even suggested that we explore options to create an ongoing and formal tourism event from the program!

It really was a wonderful weekend and way to learn about and love where we live, and a fantastic foundation to build the rest of our local history program and events ahead for this project.

A massive thank you to all involved and we can’t wait to bring you the next event and tour in this series.





Camperdown and District: Aboriginal History and Culture

Seminar: 1.30-4.30pm Saturday 7th August at the Theatre Royal, Camperdown

With special performance by Brett Clarke

Bus tour: Sunday 8th August leaving 10am sharp from Bath street Camperdown, outside the Theatre Royal

Keynote speakers include:

Jidah Clark Djab Wurrung – Human rights lawyer, policy adviser, environmentalist, entrepreneur. Team Leader, Koori Youth Justice Taskforce at Commission for Children and Young People.

John Clarke Born and raised on Country, John is the grandson of Banjo and Audrey Clarke and Jack and Rita Abrahams. General Manager Cultural Landscapes Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation.

Dr Ian D Clark Adjunct Professor of Tourism in the Business School at Federation University, Ballarat and Professor (Research) in the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, Monash University, Clayton. He has a Doctorate in Aboriginal historical geography from Monash University. His areas of interest include Victorian Aboriginal history, Indigenous tourism, the history of tourism, and Victorian toponyms.



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