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Australian Hearing will be providing free hearing checks at the Camperdown Community House:

1-4pm on Wednesday 26 September

No appointments necessary, just pop in between 1-4pm and Rebecca from Australian Hearing will provide you with a free check.

This is a free service for anyone over the age of 18 years, please contact Australian Hearing Warrnambool on (03) 5564 6200 to inquire about checks available for children and young people.


” Australian Hearing provides world leading research and hearing services for the well being of all Australians. There’s a reason we’re Australia’s leading hearing specialists – because we’re all about working with you to get the most out of everything hearing related.”


” Research shows today’s older Australians are generally healthier and more active than their peers of 25 years ago. Hearing loss though, hasn’t declined, and people delay getting their hearing checked on average 7 years after noticing a hearing loss.

There’s a few simple things you can do to exercise your hearing and strengthen your ears:

1. Practice focusing on the location of sounds, place a speaker or radio in the corner of the room and have a friend talk to you from a distance at a normal volume. This helps to strengthen the neuro pathways and improve the way you filter out other sounds

2. Close your eyes and have a friend read to you around different locations in your room. Try and guess where the sounds are coming from

3. Memory Stretches – ask a friend to repeat three numbers to you. Repeat them back in reverse. Each time add another number when you get the first one correct. Once you master this, ask a friend to read you a passage and when they’ve finished, recall out loud the first and last word of the passage. Increase the difficulty as you go

4. A healthy heart can contribute to healthy hearing! A study by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, suggests heart health is directly related to hearing health. The healthier your heart, the easier your blood is pumping throughout your body, including your head. The study shows people in their 50s can hear just as well as someone in their 30s. To improve your cardiovascular fitness, it’s important you include high intensity exercise into your exercise plan. Always consult your general practitioner before starting a new exercise regime

5. There’s many apps you can download to improve your hearing and brain health. These applications help with cognitive ability and memory, which is important as you get older!

#Research shows older Australians are generally healthier and more active than their peers of 25 years ago: Flinders University in Adelaide (2017).”

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