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In 2023, as a part of the development of financial sustainability for the organisation, we have developed a Sponsorship Package.

Sponsors can choose between sponsoring community house for between $50.00 – $2,000.00 or a higher amount if they so wish.

We have established a tiered system of ‘reward’ for sponsorship according to this pricing structure.

Our package outlines the areas/categories that sponsors can choose for their sponsorship to support, or they can opt in for the “sponsorship with the lot” which allows the Committee and Coordinator to determine where the sponsorship funds are most needed to support the organisation as a whole.

Sponsorship categories include: Operational costs, Food Bank, Programs and Services, Volunteer program and support, Community events and workshops and Community Garden Hub.

The State Government Neighbourhood House Coordination Program provides funding for 25 hours of Coordination per week (paid Coordinator).

All other operational, program and service funding we must source from grants, fundraising and donations.

This is why diversifying our income streams is so important.

Our sponsorship package will provide the opportunity for greater community involvement in supporting the community house. This is not soley a financial mechanism, but a community building one. “For community, by community”.

For the 2023-2024 financial year, the South West Community Foundation has generously agreed to be our partner in piloting this new package. We will be launching this pilot at the 2023 AGM.

South West Community Foundation (SWCF) is a charitable fund established and managed by local people to meet the needs of their community.  We bring together donors from all walks of life to support local priority needs, involving local people in investing in their community.

Founded in 2007 under the visionary leadership of Josie Black OAM, the Foundation is a testament to the generosity of the people of South West Victoria, pooling funds for greater impact and purposeful grant-making that supports charitable projects. SWCF operates three core services for the community;

  • Donations – SWCF is a simple way for local people to support their community through donations.  Funds are pooled for greater impact, and we provide tax-deductible ways of giving to the region.


  • Granting – SWCF has provided over $1million to the region through its community grants program to community groups from Warrnambool, Moyne, Glenelg, Corangamite, Southern Grampians and Colac Otway shires.


  • Philanthropic services – there is more to philanthropy than donations and grants, and SWCF provides a range of support and advisory functions to organisations and individuals interested in engaging with community philanthropy effectively.



PO Box 478 Warrnambool VIC 3280

PH: 0437 756 082

EMAIL: info@southwestcommunityfoundation.org

The focus of the South West Community Foundation’s work for the next three years centres on three pillars:

Grow the Foundation;

Consolidate and grow the corpus of the SWCF to support both regional and community based grantmaking activity through community fundraising, donor engagement and collaboration with philanthropic partners in and beyond the South West Region.

Increase our Impact at a Regional and Community level;

Provide support for the South West community and charitable organisations through thoughtful and engaged place-based grant-making at a regional and community level.

Build the sustainability, Capacity and Profile of the Foundation to allow it to Thrive;

Build the operational capacity and sustainability of the Foundation, and be known as a knowledgeable, well connected and trusted philanthropic partner.

The Foundation operates in close collaboration with donors, local organisations and the community at large, working to fortify communities and expand opportunities. As a perpetual fund, our unique position allows us to fully grasp and address both immediate and long-term community needs.

South West Community Foundation Case Study: Strengthening Communities through Partnership

Camperdown Community House and South West Community Foundation

This case study showcases the importance of such partnerships in creating a more resilient and thriving community, where individuals and families can find support, connection, and hope.


Camperdown Community House (CCH) is a vital community hub in South West Victoria, dedicated to bringing people together to connect, learn, and contribute to their local community. They have a deep-rooted presence in the Corangamite community, with a demonstrated track record of growing and maintaining community service programs for the benefit of the region.

Partnership Origins:

For over seven years, the South West Community Foundation (SWCF) has been a dedicated partner in the success of CCH. This partnership began with SWCF providing funding for various development projects aimed at enhancing the services offered by CCH.  CCH’s deep community connections, knowledge, and trust have played a pivotal role in the success of this partnership. Their track record of growing and maintaining community service programs demonstrates their commitment to the region’s well-being.

A Transformative Project:

One standout initiative that highlights the significance of this partnership is the support SWCF has provided to the CCH Foodbank. SWCF provided initial funding in 2017, and in 2018, additional support was extended to expand the Foodbank to meet the heightened demand that emerged after the St. Patrick’s Day fires. The Foodbank not only provides food relief but also serves as a hub for connection, personal support, and referral services for individuals and families in the region.

Navigating Uncertainty:

The year 2020 brought unforeseen challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation impacted funding needs and program delivery. SWCF, however, stepped in to support CCH by helping them manage funds and redirect resources to better meet the evolving needs of the community during this challenging time.

A Lasting Partnership:

In 2023, SWCF proudly supported CCH with one of its regional strategic partnerships.  The offer of funds to support the work of Emily and the CCH to grow and evolve is a demonstration of the strength of the partnership, and where we see the potneital for growth in the future.  SWCF has welcomed CCH to participate in our community-led data project “Vital Signs” and we are discussing various ways to use the philanthropic toolkit to unlock greater investment and support for the CCH.

The partnership between CCH and SWCF has endured since 2017 and continues to thrive. SWCF proudly acts as the lead sponsorship partner, emphasizing their commitment to the success of CCH for the years to come.

The partnership between Camperdown Community House and the South West Community Foundation exemplifies the importance of collaboration and support in community development. By working together, these organizations have not only provided essential services but have also demonstrated adaptability and resilience in the face of unexpected challenges. This partnership is a testament to the positive impact that philanthropy, community foundations, and grants can have on the well-being of the South West Victoria community.

Camperdown Community House is a great place for people to come together to socialise, learn new skills and have some fun.